You need a Vacation, or at least Vacation Bidding

by Travis Denny

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM

RosterApps does a lot of things. One time we gave a demonstration of our capabilities that lasted over 6 hours. After we woke up our audience, everyone thought that they needed a vacation, and we remembered that we hadn't shown them about Vacation Bidding yet.

Vacation Bidding in RosterApps is a great way to handle scheduling vacations for your work force. It has the ability to combine different work groups together, if they should be choosing vacation weeks out of the same pool. You can utilize one of several different means of determining seniority to make sure that your vacation bid is equitable to all parties, even across work groups.

RosterApps enables you to determine the maximum number of weeks that can be awarded, as well as specifically enabling or limiting how many people can be off for any given week of the year (so you can trim down the number of employees who will be awarded vacations for Christmas or Thanksgiving, for example). You can also specify how many weeks each employee should be able to choose based upon years of service, or other customized metric.

You can specify the number of hours charged for an awarded vacation week from an accrual account (like a Paid Time Off accrual or Vacation pay). RosterApps additionally allows you to have covering shifts generated automatically from those awarded weeks, even if your actual work schedule has not extended that far in the year's calendar yet.

Employees can also choose combinations of weeks as single choices (if you allow), such that conditional situations can be covered, to help with things like planning family vacations and holidays. Lastly, all the choices and preferences for bidding on vacation weeks is tracked and available as a downloadable data file, so there is no more confusion about who specifically chose what, and why they were awarded versus their co-workers.

So, make your own vacation time more relaxed and stress-free by letting RosterApps handle your organization’s vacation awarding process in a fair, equitable and auditable manner. Everybody wins!


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