Shift Leveling – Even-Out Your Over/Under

by Travis Denny

Posted on April 08, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Many of our clients like RosterApps' abilities regarding shift trading, schedule swapping, shift trade board, etc. However, many still need some help correcting for understaffed and overstaffed situations. Now, RosterApps can help you with that difficulty. Shift Leveling allows you to select many different open shifts and have them be made a part of a Shift Leveling Bid, where only those employees you indicate can bid to either pick them up or to exchange a shift on their calendar for the shift(s) in the Shift Leveling Bid.

You can specify and limit shifts from your employees which they can exchange for the open shifts, and you can determine what method you want to use to award the shifts to interested employees (Round Robin, strict seniority, first come first served). You can specify a date range for shifts that given employees can exchange. You can determine seniority for the Shift Leveling Bid by a number of methods, including hire date and work group assigned date. You can establish a time window for the bid itself and specify how far in advance of a shift start that employees' preferences must be submitted.

Shift Leveling will help you smooth out your over-staffed situation according to your logic too – whether or not the shifts exchanged have to have the same duration, skill or even whether or not the must be in the same week. You have the ability to view and approve awards, and even to take the remnants of your Shift Leveling Bid (if all the open shifts are not filled, or if you end up with a slew of exchanged shifts that you need to fill) and transfer them into a new Shift Leveling Bid.

Lastly, Shift Leveling combines nicely with Minimum Staffing Plans, so that you can have RosterApps be responsible for making sure you don't trade one understaffed situation for another. Having a minimum staffing plan in place automatically limits employees from exchanging a shift (within the Shift Leveling Bid) which would violate any given minimum staffing plan covering the time frame you specify.

RosterApps' Shift Leveling: Helping You Even Out Understaffed Situations!

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