Sciengistics Welcomes Our Summer Interns

by Travis Denny

Posted on June 02, 2014 at 1:00 PM

So there I was, trying to explain RosterApps to four new interns (pictured l to r: Mark Reiter – Drake University, Eric Graika – Iowa State University, Blake Dunham – University of Iowa, and Ben Blasberg – Iowa State University). This process has been refined over my time at Sciengistics, and the evolution of such an explanation follows a certain logic. RosterApps is at once, both easy for employee users to grasp and yet quite elaborate in its capabilities. Our solution offers a degree of customization and fine-tuning that can perfectly represent real-world operations.

The complexity of RosterApps offerings is not applicable in all cases. Most of our clients use some portions and capabilities and may never utilize others. Most of our users access and frequent a few common pages or complete regular tasks. The beauty of RosterApps is that you don't have to use every feature and function. Use what you like, and disregard what you don't need. We built the solution to all work together, and everyone is on the same codebase, so all of our users can get the benefits we develop for any specific portion of our userbase.

This, of course, does nothing to shave down the time required to give a good comprehensive demonstration of RosterApps features and capabilities. (Once, we gave a demonstration of our solution that ended up being over 8 hours long.) However, we are much better at tailoring a demonstration to just those capabilites you may be interested in, or how RosterApps can help solve the problems that plague workforce management and scheduling.

So ask us for a demonstration. We'd love to show you how RosterApps can help. We promise not to take more time than you want.


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