Back to School

by Travis Denny

Posted on August 31, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Summer is winding down, swimming pools are closing for the season, kids are heading back to school, and we say Goodbye and Good Luck to our interns. Where did the time go?

Sciengistics was fortunate this year to have two fantastic interns join us for the summer months, and they coded like champions -- surviving not only the rigorous requirements of our Lead Developer and the established ecosystem of RosterApps, but also the bizarre and arcane rantings of our Customer Service Manager.

Blake worked on a few different features and improvements, most of which are in place with RosterApps right now. The most well-received of which was hours totals for employee calendars depending upon which view of the calendar a given employee was looking at. Andrew completed and polished off some much-called-for modifications and improvements to areas of the web application that our clients have been asking our team to deliver to our users. One of which is the ability to assign multiple shifts to a single employee at the same time. Both developers were very helpful, and really pleasant additions to our team (if only temporarily).

Sciengistics has been running an intern program with our state universities and their computer science and engineering departments for several years now, and we can report a goodly amount of success. Such a program helps our team get some new blood for ideas and approaches, and the students get a fantastic exposure to real-world development, on an application with a user base in the tens of thousands. Perhaps most satisfactory of all is that they have a chance to have the code they wrote themselves, in a production environment, being used by real people to solve real problems.

So, we are happy to report that Blake and Andrew learned a few things, and so did we. Our Customer Service Manager is happy to report that he has more converts to the cult of the coffee bean. Our clients and users are happy that they have some new features to play with, and new capabilities to help them manage their people and their workforces. Win-win-win-win!


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